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Top 10 Participants (amount raised)
1. Patty Breech $28,373.00
2. Olivia Christmann $12,485.00
3. Orren DeLana $6,200.00
4. Dan Furlong $4,886.00
5. megan sager $4,575.00
6. Sasha Prosser $3,618.50
7. Christophe Reijman $3,221.50
8. Irene Nam $2,640.00
9. Robin Brown $2,624.93
10. Bijay Bokhim $2,325.00

Thank you for taking steps to help the children of Kopila Valley! 

We are excited to have you on our team.


There are currently five campaigns we could use your help with. 


Campaign for Health at Kopila

Fund vaccines, vitamins, dental care, medical interventions, and regular check-ups for the kids and community



The Classroom Fund

Fund a classroom or building project at the new and permanent site of Kopila Valley.


The Sustainability Fund

Fund a garden project, solar panel, compostable toilet, or rain water harvest system to make us off the grid



Home and Family Fund

Purchase blankets, bedding, toiletries, mosquito netting, nutritious meals at Kopila Valley.  Support the caregivers and everything our family needs to thrive at Kopila Valley Children's Home



The Women's Center Fund or Campaign for Kopila Women

Support women's and maternal health initiatives, vocational training skills workshops, literacy materials, and empowerment and entrepreneurial skills trainings for the Kopila Women's Center.