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“Is there something that you can do to change the life of just one child?”

Thank you for supporting BlinkNow, where even a small donation makes a big difference. Together, we can change our world.

Kopila: where children bloom.

It takes a lot to keep a project our size running smoothly. Thankfully, your dollar goes a long way here in Nepal! Here's an idea of some of our typical operating costs:


SANDALS FOR EVERY CHILD: Buys a new pair of sandals for all 50 kids in our home. We go through shoes fast!


STOCK OUR MEDICINE CABINET FOR ONE YEAR: Keeps our wellness cabinet full of everything we need to treat scraped knees and sniffly noses.


HELP US RUN OUR HOME: Pays for all the bits and pieces we need each month!

Want more ideas about what to support with your donation? Check out our wish list!

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If you prefer to donate by check or securities, please visit More Ways to Give.

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100% of your gift is tax deductible. BlinkNow is a registered 501(C)(3) charity, EIN 26-0819262.

BlinkNow is a registered Public Benefit Organisation (“ANBI”) for Dutch tax purposes.

Please note: BlinkNow will make every effort to apply contributions towards their designated purposes. However, per IRS requirements, BlinkNow must exercise exclusive legal control over all donations received and therefore must reserve the right to reallocate contributions in its sole discretion in the event that the funding requirements for such purposes have been exceeded, or for other good cause.

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